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about the series

Latest in Computers

Rahul Kothiyal, Annie Williams and Our IT Development Team

‘Latest in Computers’ is a graded series of books for classes 1st to 8th. It can be used with systems having Windows 7 & Windows 8. It is based on MS Office 2013. Topics like Digital Citizenship and Cyber Safety has been included. Chapters on Flash, Photoshop, Qbasic, HTML, Visual Basic, E-Commerce, etc. have been dealt in detail. This series will also develop critical and logical thinking of the students.

EXTRA CLICKS is very useful handbook for teachers. It is given only for teachers, of all the classes. All exercises given in the books are explained in Extra Clicks.

  • Latest in Computers-1
  • Price- ₹ 270
  • Latest in Computers-2
  • Price- ₹ 300
  • Latest in Computers-3
  • Price- ₹ 340
  • Latest in Computers-4
  • Price- ₹ 370
  • Latest in Computers-5
  • Price- ₹ 425
  • Latest in Computers-6
  • Price- ₹ 480
  • Latest in Computers-7
  • Price- ₹ 530
  • Latest in Computers-8
  • Price- ₹ 560